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Installed Poweramp Equalizer on Android TV

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I managed to install and setup Poweramp equalier on Android TV (Onn UHD Box) with DUMP permission and Notification Listener Permission granted. Also, make sure to enable notification access under special app access in android settings. Was also able to turn on Enable Player Tracking to equalize on almost any player, for my setup it was able to detect player apps Netflix, Spotify, SmartTube, Prime VIdeo etc. Sound bar is connected to TV via HDMI, and I couldn't find Disable Absolute Volume in Android Settings Developer Options and I don't think DVC is of any use in this case. 

Here are the settings I'm using currently - you could setup this preset on phone, export and import it on the Android TV using file manager.

Parametric Equalizer Settings -

Preamp - 0
Freq 36, Gain 3.0, Q 4.0
Freq 170, Gain 6.0, Q 3.0
Freq 300, Gain 2.0, Q 4.0
Freq 1.50k, Gain 1.5, Q 2.0
Freq 1.62k, Gain -3.0, Q 6.0
Freq 3.50k, Gain -2.0, Q 3.0
Freq 5.50k, Gain 1.0, Q 4.0
Freq 12.0k, Gain 2.0, Q 2.0
Freq 14.7k, Gain -3.0, Q 4.0

Bass - 6.0
Trable - 9.0

Other options that I've changed in Settings under Equalizer subsection -

Equalizer Values - dB
Tone Values - dB
Band Overlap - Cascade
Smooth Equalizer/Tone Gains - Turned off

I used following values for compresser for normalizing the sound -

Attack - 3.4ms
Release - 401.3ms
Ratio - 3.3
Frequency - 20.0k
Threshold - (-22.6) dB
Gain - 9.0 dB

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Added Preset Values
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On 7/19/2022 at 3:07 PM, Pushkar Rana said:

Is Poweramp equalizer setup on Android TV able to manage sound? 

Yes, it detects the apps that plays sound and the output difference is noticable.


On 7/19/2022 at 3:07 PM, Pushkar Rana said:

Please share your experience using Poweramp on Android TV. 

I was using old version (because of navigation issues with remote) of WL on Android TV and was pleased with the output. And, I wondered if Poweramp can be installed the same way and also it has easy navigation, surprisingly I was able to install the latest version and granting DUMP permission and Notification Listener Permission everything worked as expected. It's not night and day difference (at least not that I've noticed), but I was sold for navigation and since I already used it on phone I preferred Poweramp. 

On 7/19/2022 at 3:07 PM, Pushkar Rana said:

By the way, you can enable/disable it from developer options.

Under Developer options in Onn UHD doesn't have this option, I can see it on my phone but not on Android TV.

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