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Some question about Poweramp


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I though i post some questions and suggestion about the program

1. Can you add a Shake to change song function in future updates, just make it so it can be turned off in options ?

2. can you make an option for full screen album art (like ttpod)

Yea i know it look a bit stretched but if you kept both size and just have an option for bigger for us that wants it bigger

it certainly is possible as you can here : http://i.imgur.com/Y7mW3.jpg

For us that has bigger mobiles like galaxy note need a option with smaler buttons and bigger more fullscreen album art.

if you could make the size as the one in picture it would be perfect

3. where can i download more skin for Poweramp and if not avaible can you make it skinnable?

4. can you make an option to turn off so when i tap the screen not get up that option to select album art

I just found acidently tapping that was what screwed up my multiple album arts in one album

i would instead prefer tapping the album art just made the album art bigger

5. can you make a skin that is Neon dark with Red characters liberary browsing

or something like Droid X eye, Hal900, Tron (but red) inspired

My favorite colors is Neon red on dark background

Oh and hey

Merry christmas :)

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