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Equalizer settings not restored on settings import


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Version: build-933-bundle-play [933004-bd3402a5], Full Version

Device: Galaxy Note 10+ AND Galaxy Z Fold 3

Android Version: 12

I've encountered this problem for years and it is pretty frustrating.  It takes many hours to get custom EQ assignments applied to all of my songs where I want them.  When I export settings and later import them (on the same device with the same music folder OR on a different device with the same music folder) the custom equalizers are restored, but they are not applied where they should be.

Example 1: I have a default custom EQ which I assign to Bluetooth, Wired, etc.  When I look at the EQ list after settings import, the list shows the correct icons under the custom EQ's that were imported, but the EQ is not actually in-use by the player when it should be, instead it just shows "Preset".  When I change to the custom EQ I wanted selected by default for Bluetooth, Wired, etc, the equalizer bars clearly move to the correct positions and now it sounds as it should.  When I choose "Save", all of the checkboxes that should have been checked were already checked, so I hit "Save" at the bottom of the dialog.  Now when I disconnect and reconnect Bluetooth, it properly selects the EQ it should have chosen before I issued the no-op "Save" of the settings that appeared to have already been applied.

Example 2: Even worse, song mappings to custom EQ's never seem to be restored on settings import.  This has been a problem for many years, but it would be so incredibly excellent if the many hours of EQ configuration settings weren't lost across export/import operations.  As above, I've run into this even if I am importing the settings on the same device with the music folder directory structure that it had when the settings were exported.  I would hope the EQ assignments are tied to the ID3 tag info and not the file path, but if that were the case then I shouldn't see this problem in the case of import settings on the same phone, only on a different phone.

If there's a way to make the above export/import operations restore things like they should, I would love to know how.

I love this player otherwise. Thanks for keeping it going!

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