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  1. Here's my results. Before changing any settings, I tried PA with AA in another vehicle and it worked fine. Where it worked is connected to an aftermarket Sony head unit XAV-AX5000. I then went back to where it failed, my Ford Fusion Sync 3 head unit with AA support, and it still only played audio through the earpiece speaker. I disconnected, disabled Hi-Res for BT, tested again and now it works. Just to confirm, I re-enabled Hi-Res for BT and tested again and the problem returned. Switched it back to disabled and I'm all good. Looks like that was the fix! Interesting that it occurred o
  2. Galaxy S8+, Android 8, Poweramp Output settings show OpenSL ES output enabled for wired headset/aux & "other output devices". High res output is enabled for Wired HS, BT, & USB DAC. Audio track output shows nothing selected. Is this the info you were looking for?
  3. Android Auto: I also don't hear audio from my car, but instead hear it from my earpiece on my phone. Other players work fine in AA. I'm excited to see you're getting close to getting AA working!
  4. +1. I have been a Premium user for several years and I'm now using Android Auto. Please add support for it. Gotta have my Poweramp on the road! Thanks.
  5. This seems like something that should be fixable within Poweramp. I don't have a bunch of other apps that break with this kind of update. Why is Poweramp combining the system portion of the path with the user-controllable portion of the path for determining the location of files? Poweramp should be splitting the path into the two components and attempting to do the right thing if the system device part of the path changed. This problem just hit me yesterday and wiped all of my playlists and also seems to have lost my saved EQ settings for each song. VERY ANNOYING!!!!!! It takes wee
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