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MP3+G / karaoke lyric support


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First, let me add to the well-deserved chorus of praise for your work on Poweramp. You are consistently working to make an excellent app even better. Thank you.

And now to beg for features!

Poweramp already supports an extensive list of file formats, and also has the ability to display song lyrics for the playing track.

Would it be exceedingly difficult to add support for playing files in the MP3+G and related formats?

MP3+G is currently (I believe) the most common format in use by commercial karaoke systems, but there are a small handful of others. I may be getting the details mixed up, but I think MP3+G is essentially a standard MP3 file with additional information about lyrics and the timings to synchronize them with the audio track. This lyric/timing information is either included directly in the MP3+G file, or stored separately in a file with an identical filename (but with a different extension).

The lyric display overlay that Poweramp uses now would likely be ill-suited for displaying lyrics synchronized to the audio, as traditionally the karaoke system displays only a few lines at a time.

Is including a full-screen, time-synchronized lyric display option possible? Would something like this be better as a separate extension to Poweramp?

Thanks once again for the impressive work you've done so far.

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Thanks for the feedback/request.

There are some planned lyric improvements for the next versions (you can check it in TODO announcement here on the forum).

For example, lyrics will be optionally shown over the shaded album art.

As for mp3+g, this can go to the next releases after the 2.0 (2.0 is settled more or less at this moment).

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