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Car head unit loss of sound for first minute only.


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I have a Atoto S8 generation2 Car head unit (android 10) and all installed correctly through speakers and amplifier but when I first start my car with Poweramp on my head unit for the first minute the volume ( sound ) coming from speakers is vastly reduced.

The sound will then blast out after a minute and playing with volume, I then have to reduce my volume for further stable playback.

It then works fine after about a minute or so but is annoying and frustrating.

The app is installed and paid for from my Google account.

I have tried other apps like Spotify, Jet audio, Atoto stock music player and this issue does not exist which is confusing and points to a Poweramp issue in itself unless I'm missing something from the Poweramp settings that need tweaking.

Hope this can be fixed as I love Poweramp and use it on my other mobile devices with no issues..

Kind regards


David Wilson




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