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Unable to send intents to Poweramp from Tasker, worked previoulsy


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I have been using Tasker to send intents to control various Poweramp functions (select and play a playlist, etc.) for several years with no problems, but haven't used that functionality for about a year during which time both Tasker and Poweramp had several updates, my OS changed to Android 12, etc., and somewhere along the line something has been broken and now Poweramp seems to ignore any intents sent via Tasker. I know that the command formatting isn't the problem because as noted above these tasks all worked perfectly in the past and nothing has changed. If I run the task manually Tasker indicates normal completion but Poweramp shows no response.

I have searched quite a bit but haven't found any mention of this issue so it likely something local, but would like to make a quick query to see if there is any known recent issue that would cause this or if there is anything obvious that I may be missing.  I am on Poweramp 925, Tasker 5.14.6, and Android 12 (Pixel 6 Pro.)

Thanks for any tips...


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