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Extended Title Scrolling


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If I've noted correctly it looks like if the title of the song and/or the artist/album title of the song are longer than the screen then it looks like they will scroll for the first 30 or so seconds of when a second starts, when a song is paused then continued, and if the app is put in the background and then brought back to the screen.

I'm assuming if both song title and artist/album title are long they alternate scrolling during that period.

One of the things I use to like about my Zune HD was that in play mode the screen saver would continuously scroll these titles (I have alot of long titles).

I'd love to see an option that would allow you to turn on the ability to continue to scroll those titles (alternating between the two lines scrolling if necessary) for the duration of the song instead of just during the startup periods I've noted above.

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