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  1. I'm assuming I can export the playlists, edit them with a file editor on my PC to do a search/replace on the path of each song from old path to new, then reimport the playlists and i'm all set? As kinda an add on question album art selected by Poweramp is lost during these rom update/changes as well. Is there no way to save the setting of when you've had Poweramp choose your custom art for songs?
  2. I'm curious if there is a way around this. I tend to Flash ROMS fairly regularly and notice that some ROMs change the name/location of where the external SD card is located (that's why all my music is). When this happens the playlists appear blank in Poweramp (although the names are still there) and I'm assuming its because the playlist are using some type of exact file location when I add music to the playlist. Is there any way to change that? The Music folder still exists, its subfolders still exists its just the parent folders name/location has changed...
  3. Apps purchased through google's marketplace (now google play) can be downloaded to the new phone simply by signing in to the new phone with your google account the loading up the marketplace on it, you'll see all your previously downloaded apps available for download again.
  4. If I've noted correctly it looks like if the title of the song and/or the artist/album title of the song are longer than the screen then it looks like they will scroll for the first 30 or so seconds of when a second starts, when a song is paused then continued, and if the app is put in the background and then brought back to the screen. I'm assuming if both song title and artist/album title are long they alternate scrolling during that period. One of the things I use to like about my Zune HD was that in play mode the screen saver would continuously scroll these titles (I have alot of long titl
  5. I can't remember which mp3 player on android did this... one of them had the ability for you to go in the playlist and then select the menu option and it would delete duplicate songs... the other actually checked when you added a song to the playlist and wouldn't add duplicates. Does Poweramp do either? Any thoughts about adding either feature?
  6. Yeah I trouble DoubleTwist and had the same problem. I currently use Media Monkey to sync my music... but it doesn't do playlist unfortunately, at least it didn't work with the previous version of Poweramp.
  7. Sorry if I missed this question being answered... the suddenly empty playlist issue is an Android system bug, is that correct? That's nothing that can be deal with in Poweramp?
  8. I love the new look of the app, right now I'm having trouble with folder selection when I select music folder I get the prompt for Folders Selection and "Loading" and it just keeps spinning, I never get the option to select which folders I want Poweramp to put in its music library. edit: Disregard it eventually did show me the folders. Thanks.
  9. Awesome, looking forward to 2.0's release!
  10. Someone else described this and its a feature I'd like to see implemented. Another music player had it implemented in a way that I thought worked very well. With this music player when you pressed on the current playing info section you'd get a popup. It was context sensitive and had 3 options. Search on Current Artist, Search on Current Track, Search on Current Album. Hitting the specific option would fire off the search. Would make it easy to find remixes of a current song, the rest of the album or even all songs made by that artist. Loving Poweramp BTW. Heads and toes above the other Androi
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