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Adding a convolution equalization mode

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Your work is just incredible and thank you a lot for the parametric feature :), I bought the app right away, and after finishing my setup and been blown away by it I just bought the player even if I don't use it... top best paying app :)

Adding a convolution mode would really be great where we would import a wav file per preset. (from AutoEq repo for instance)


Lastly just as an advice (from a dev), you should update your business model not toward a subscription (I read somewhere that its planned), but making each new important feature a paying one (eq, 2 Euros for the parametric, 2 euros for an eventual convolver etc.) but its just an advice ;)


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Personally I posted this feature request because of AutoEq (https://github.com/jaakkopasanen/AutoEq) recommendations and after using their 10 bands file on parametric mode and been amazed by it...

The only time I got a convolution equalizer working was with JamesDSP (https://github.com/james34602/JamesDSPManager) and the result was more than mediocre, I used the impulse response wav file given by AutoEq which should had produced a better or similar equalization compared to the 10 bands text file used on Poweramp but this was not the case.

So in theory convolution equalization should be better but personally I think implementing a function that would convert that impulse response wav file into a 32 or 64 parametric bands profile (for a more precise equalization) would be a better implementation of a convolver feature and I guess would be a lot less heavy on CPU ressources.

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