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Disable crossfade by genre


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First: I’ve had an Android phone for a while, just bought a car stereo with built–in Bluetooth audio streaming last week.

I figured I’d give the trial version of Poweramp a go because it keeps showing up as highly recommended in the Android Market.

I bought the full version after about 10 minutes of trying it out — the combination of Poweramp plus Bluetooth streaming is *too cool*.

Plus I love all the extra features you wouldn’t necessarily expect like crossfading, FLAC & ReplayGain support and album art downloading.

I tend to just throw all my songs into one folder and listen to them on shuffle, crossfading from one to the other.

I like just about every genre of music so the result is rather eclectic.

Crossfading works really well for most of what I listen to (which is pretty “beat heavy”) but some genres don’t hold up well to crossfading — punk songs, for example, don’t have much of a lead–in or –out and there’s not a lot to fade from or to.

So, my feature request would be to allow the ability the user to choose genres for which they’d like to disable crossfading.

Thanks, and keep up the great work!

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