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  1. This is your answer? I was believing that this is a sensible forum, where user requests are taken seriously. What a pity.
  2. Hi everybody, I'd really like to have an option to mix the sound of my environment to whatever is sent into my earphones. Benefit: Sitting in the office listening to music without bothering my colleages (i. e. using earphones) and still be receptive to phone calls and responsive to personal questions. Or sitting in the train with headphones on and still be able to hear the announcements. Thank you for considering this recommendation -Rob. P. S.: Still the most eagerly expected feature: adjustable fade length, fade level (e. g. for FM fades), and selectable folders, to which music th
  3. I agree. I'm still and eagerly waiting for an adjustable overlap instead of a forced crossfade. Why does overlapping tracks have always to be faded? I'd like to tell Poweramp how many milliseconds to overlap how many milliseconds fadeout time for the previous track how many milliseconds fadein time for the succeeding track (here I prefer: 0 ms). I definitely do not understand why the succeeding track has to be faded in? I don't know a single title that need to be faded in during the normal play. I'm begging you: let the user adjust these three parameters. Another suggest: Make the overlap set
  4. I definitely agree. When do you implement a configurable overlap function? Pleeeeaaaase
  5. A genre depending overlap and/or crossfade would also be helpful for speech, radioplays and comedy tracks. I agree with that. The crossfade only and no overlap is the weakest point on Poweramp.
  6. Hi mikeb1028 and NoSpinHere, I'm eagerly waiting for this feature, too. But I can't find the "Auto-Advance and Queue" settings you've described in my Poweramp. My settings menu reads: Look and Feel Album Art Audio - Fade, Crossfade, and Gapless -- Auto-advance Fading -- Manual Track Change Fading [bTW: Whats the difference between these both?] -- Crossfade Length -- Fade play/pause/stop -- Fade on seek -- Cut Silence - Replay Gain (RG) -- ... - Audio Focus -- ... - Advanced Tweaks -- ... Folders and Library Headset Lock Screen Misc About Do you have a different version? What do I have to do?
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