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Playlists ....again; how about option to create m3us automatically?


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Hi....from looking around I see that playlists are a constant topic---the inability to easily backup in Android and the awkward creation is a continuing pain. With 10 year old technology on a Palm Treo, it is faster and simpler using programs like Ptunes.

The recent change in the way playlists was handled was a nice and thoughtful improvement, a step in the right direction, but only a step. At least now it is POSSIBLE to deal with playlists on the device. It is still awkward enough so that I wind up creating them from my desktop, and that shouldn't have to be.

The key problem is that I want to keep them both backed up and in a universally useable format (like m3u or whatever) that I can use across devices and systems.

The new feature allowing creation and then export to m3u or similar is a relief--now it's possible at least. But my question is....why the multi-step process? When you go to create a playlist, why can't it simply ask you (or allow you to have predefined options) how you want it done? Let it go through the creation/conversion/export process in the background if that is how Android has to fumble around, but I should be able to create a useable and backup-pable playlist from the get go, not have to go through this 5 step process: (1) create on device; 2. go into Poweramp settings; 3 choose to export/convert to a useable format I can control and backup; 4 delete the original creation, since clearly I don't need dupes; and finally; 5 move the exported/converted format into the folder where I keep my actual useable and backup-pable playlists. That's 5 steps. It could just be that when you go to create a playlist, it simply asks you where you want to save it and in what format (or you predefine those preferences---even better!). Done. No muss, no fuss. If Android doesn't allow that in one step,. since the program clearly has the ability to export and convert now, let that process go on invisibly behind the scenes, eliminating all the user-annoying steps outlined above.

Thanks for listening.

P.s. Along a similar concern on backing up---when you edit tags, if you then copy the song back to your desktop, does the tag remain? Or is that just from the playlist?

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