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Only some songs will play in PA


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Hi, I've set my music up on my Android Acer Iconia just the same as I have on my Galaxy S.I have no problem on my mobile (all songs play) but on the tablet it only plays certain songs.They are showing in My Folders and in my Playlists,it looks like the song I click on is going to play but it jumps to the same song over and over again. eg....I have 20 songs in Folder and Playlist but will only play 3 songs out of the 20.

I would be grateful if someone would let me know why this is happening please as I have no problem with the very same songs playing on my phone.



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Hi ancrost,

Please email the developer an example of the songs that won't play along with info on the Android device and Android version

Thanks for the report. Please send me example of such file to Poweramp.maxmpz gmail.com for tests.

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