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Start searching after just typing 1 character instead of 2

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Currently Poweramp won't start searching if you only type 1 character in search bar, you need to type 2 or more to start search. This is fine for some kinds of languages such as English because words typically contains more than 2 characters, but it's not OK for languages like Chinese or Japanese, in which words can be made of 1 character.

For example, if I want to search a Chinese song called 默 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABvAbpusRbc), I type 默 in Poweramp's search bar, and I got NOTHING! It won't start searching and I will never reach this song. This song only has 1 character in it's title, and is skipped by Poweramp's search policy.

I suggest to start searching when user just types 1 or more characters, so I can reach songs like 默 or others. Starting only after 2 characters is an optimization but it leads into a bug here.


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