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Album/Song Art frustration


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Prior to the last release I had album art for all my albums. When I upgraded, I lost most

of the Album art. Individual songs would have art, but not the albums.

When I see a song has no art in the player, I download art. For example, I have an album

with three songs. All three songs while playing display the correct album cover, but when

I view the album list there is no art.

Is there any way to just get art for an album and have it associated with all the songs on

that particular album ? From what I can tell there is no way to download album art, only

art associated with a particular track from the album. However, as my example illustrates,

the art is only associated with the track(s) and doesn't show up in the album list.

How can I get this all working ?

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"Just put some albumart in the musicfolder and the problem is over"

Is there a quick way of doing this?

I've got 200-300 albums that aren't displaying their Art since moving to v2. The Art is in an "AlbumThumbs" folder on my SD card. Stock player displays this art and v1.4 did as well, but v2.0 doesn't.

Do I need to transfer each individual artwork into the correct album of MP3's? That'll take forever....


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