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  1. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.neutroncode.mpeval&hl=en_GB So this app came out a couple of days ago. Basically, I was clicking through looking for a music player app with a tablet layout (!) and stumbled across this. At first I thought it was another app by Max MP (due to it's player UI style and layout), but it isn't. Now, I've been using Poweramp for a long time now, and even I got confused! Just thought you guys should know about this.
  2. Resume after call is a setting that can be found in Settings > Audio > Audio Focus
  3. This is an Android issue really. You can do this I believe. You'd need to root your phone, install a custom recovery then flash a ROM with CIFS support built in to it. With CIFS, you can mount network locations natively to the Android filesystem, much like mapping a network drive in Windows. You should then be able to add this location to the folder list in Poweramp. This should also work with apps like MX Player for video streaming ;-)
  4. You'll need to install a custom ROM with inbuilt CIFS support which will let you assign a network location to a mount point within the Android OS. Once you've done this, PA will be able to select the network location through it's normal folder scanner. I can't say for sure regarding using a DAC, though I'd imagine with root and a USBOTG lead, it should work.
  5. Hello! Are there any plans to make a tablet specific version of this app? I think it'd be great to have the player, file browser and EQ all on the same screen. Thanks, Mike
  6. Long press on the album art placeholder in the player to download album art.
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