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A poweramp headset?


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Sorry new to here and not sure if it's suitable to propose this topic in this panel or someone already talked about it...

But I wonder if there's any possibility that a Poweramp headset can be introduced--either an in-house design or asking for a third party cooperation.

The thing is that I cannot find a proper headset for my Nexus S after the original one became monotone (not surprised at that poor quality). I noticed major (e.g. Sennheiser, and I'm in Germany...) headphone manufacturers only have single-function(by single-function I mean only one button) standard versions and featured iphone/nokia versions (that will not work on android)....

And I really don't require much... some decent sound quality, three-button control, non-blue-tooth (always forget to charge them) ....

or any other suggestions?


p.s. I know that double-click/ triple-click trick, but I have to say, that sucks...


edited for my poor grammar...

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