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  1. Hey Max. Quick UI tweak request: Can you include an option to prevent the screen from turning on when using the phone's volume control or when using BT headset to play/pause/advance/reverse tracks? I use the lockscreen widget, and I like keeping my screen off when it's in my pocket (reduce battery use, avoid accidentally skipping tracks, etc.) but whenever I change the volume on the phone or use the headset, the screen turns on. Hoping for a way to override this. Thanks, Zeff
  2. Fantastic! Seems to have fixed the random pause bug. Thanks, Max!
  3. Seconded/Thirded/Fourthded/whateverded. If this can be coded, it would be super-clutch.
  4. Hi Max. Another quick request: Can you make a button under either the context menu or the Player Overlay UI (where the shuffle/repeat options are) that would allow toggling between different audio sources? I alternate between listening on my BT headphones and the phone's speaker, and it's frustrating that I either need to disconnect the BT or go deep into the menu options if I want to switch source quickly. Thanks, -zeff
  5. I use Sony Wireless DR-BT21G, and they work pretty well - the BT bugs are mostly Froyo related, and not Poweramp
  6. Hi Max. I was wondering if it would be possible to include a feature that allows total list times to be displayed. For example, in library view, under a given playlist or album, in addition to listing the number of tracks, could you list the total play time? Also, would it be possible to display the current list total play time in the player view, the widgets, and the lock screen? Thanks, -zeff
  7. Feature request for an option to auto-clear a queue when all of the tracks in it have been completed.
  8. Hey Max. Thanks for addressing the multiple disk issue I was having with Beta 2. Tested it, and so far so good. I have a small bug report, and a quick feature request/suggestion for either the final release or a 2.x update: Playlist Bugs: Playlists are now appearing as [playlist name].m3u, and I don't think they did this in 1.4. Could you provide an option to not display the playlist filename extension in library mode? Additionally, on all of the playlists, before the first time I open them, it displays "not loaded yet" instead of the total number of tracks contained within the playlist, as
  9. Mostly mp3, originally tagged in iTunes and later retagged in Media Monkey.
  10. This. I mean, I only have about ten albums that this is an issue with, so I spent a half hour renumbering them quickly ("hey you" is now track 14 instead of 2-1), but this is something that Poweramp 1.x didn't have any issues with. Not a huge deal though. Loving the new features otherwise.
  11. Hi Max. Just installed Beta 2 (never installed Beta 1). So far it's amazing. One big issue I'm having though, is that it no longer lists multi-disk albums (i.e. Pink Floyd's The Wall) in disk order -> track order. Instead, it shuffles all the tracks, listing all first tracks from all disks, then all second tracks, etc. I couldn't find a way to fix this on the ordering menu. Any advice? Thanks, -Zeff
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