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"Add to Now Playing queue" needed. then its perfect


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I absolutely love this music app. I had mixzing before but I like your design/layout and features more. I feel like this app has the best set of features that you need and it looks good, while keeping it basic and simple. That's not easy to accomplish.

That being said, in order for this to be the hands down best music app it needs the ability to add song/album/artist to the now playing queue. I imagine it would be an option when you hard click (press and hold) a song/album/artist along with "add to pl" "play all" "shuffle all" "delete all" which are already there. I love being able to easily make a playlist on the fly with out having to save and reopen a playlist.

Right now this is the best all around music player available, but with this addition it will be best music player period. You've really nailed all of the basic features people look for in a music player. Keep up the great work and I look forward to the updates you'll be releasing.

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Thanks for the feedback.

There are two kind of peoples: those who like folder playing and those, who like tag (library) based playing with playlists.

I'm trying to combine both worlds in one app, but there are some logical limitations

For example, if you choose some folder to play, there is no queue - there is a plain list of files (from file system folder) to play. It's possible to add virtual queue for few songs - so you can queue some other file for playing after the current song ends. But after queue ends there are two options - stop playing or resume playing from the last file which should be played before something was enqueued.

As you can see, this can be pretty complicated to understand. So for folders, just play this file as next one will work better.

Users expect generally sequential/shuffled folder files playing in this mode without parallel "current" play lists or queues.

For Library, PowerAMP doesn't use the notion of "current playlist" as well - i.e. when you click some song in All songs it starts playing from this position and continues to end VS playing just the one song which got to the "current playlst".

What I'm going to add as queues to PowerAMP is sort of virtual dynamic playlist which is generated when user enqueues something (probably from both folders and library),

plus the option to either stop when queue ends or resume from the next song it should be playing without the queue.

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