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Headset media buttons not working when screen is off


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My earphones have media buttons that don't work when the screen is off.

Everything works fine when the screen is on. When the screen is off:

Single press works even though it is slightly delayed.

Double/triple press does not work consistently. Most of the time nothing happens, sometimes it works, sometimes it skip tracks (eg instead of going to next it goes to next +1).

I have wakelock, keep service, permanent notification enabled.


On other players (blackplayer/gonemad) double press works consistently when the screen is off but always skips one track (always goes to next +1). Screen on works fine.

For some reason on blackplayer when using the default decoder (mediaplayer) instead of exoplayer , double press when screen off stops playing the song until the screen is turned on again - at which it finally changes to next track. 


I'm on Nokia 7 Plus / Android 10 



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Temporary workaround?


For the double click: I have been double pressing quickly, which gives the inconsistency above.

If I hold do the first press instantly followed by a second click that lasts a fraction of a second longer, then it works most of the time.  But if I hold the second press down too long it will pause instead.

No luck with triple pressing.


Still hoping for a proper solution but guessing how many fractions of a second I must hold the second press is better than nothing ...

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