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  1. So... either my ears or my headphones have a slight imbalance so that the right is slightly louder than the left. The minimum L/R balance I can do in the EQ is (+-)2% (and even this is a little difficult to reach before it snapping back to 0). But the imbalance is less than 2% (now left side is too loud). Could you add an option to choose more precise values. Perhaps I could double tap the knob to input -0.0125 for -1.25%? Maybe many don't use such precise settings but I would appreciate it.
  2. Build 892004 Say a song has two genre tags Piano and AOST-, tagged as Piano\\AOST- (and \\ is added in settings as a genre separator), they show up under a separate genre "Piano\\AOST-" instead of splitting. So far I know this happens when genre name has + or - at the end, "Hip-Hop" for example splits ok.
  3. Temporary workaround? For the double click: I have been double pressing quickly, which gives the inconsistency above. If I hold do the first press instantly followed by a second click that lasts a fraction of a second longer, then it works most of the time. But if I hold the second press down too long it will pause instead. No luck with triple pressing. Still hoping for a proper solution but guessing how many fractions of a second I must hold the second press is better than nothing ...
  4. With a modified one, the default works fine (although not as aesthetically pleasing)
  5. My earphones have media buttons that don't work when the screen is off. Everything works fine when the screen is on. When the screen is off: Single press works even though it is slightly delayed. Double/triple press does not work consistently. Most of the time nothing happens, sometimes it works, sometimes it skip tracks (eg instead of going to next it goes to next +1). I have wakelock, keep service, permanent notification enabled. On other players (blackplayer/gonemad) double press works consistently when the screen is off but always skips one track (always goes to next +1). Screen on works fine. For some reason on blackplayer when using the default decoder (mediaplayer) instead of exoplayer , double press when screen off stops playing the song until the screen is turned on again - at which it finally changes to next track. I'm on Nokia 7 Plus / Android 10
  6. Just saying I have the same issue. Android 10, stock, Nokia 7 plus. All Nokia 😬
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