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PowerAmp 2.0 - Backup on SGS2


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I have a question regarding backup of settings like Equalizer and setup before wipe my phone. I read before some topics here in forum, but no of them can solve my question and I saw, you have some informations about Samsung phones I didnt heared before so I hope, you have a solution for me.

I read your post here:

But I cant find any folder like this. I found one which begin with a "_" but it contains only some pics from albums and so on, no database or config files. Another thread says me, there is a folder "dbdata" on phone storage, thats right, but it is empty for me.

I have a non rooted phone, Samsung Galaxy S2 with Android 2.3.4 on it. Did you know, where all of your confriguration will be saved?

Thanks a lot!



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Is there any chance before to backup manually?

Well you would have to have a "rooted" Android phone in order for an app like Titaniam Backup or the like, to be able 'see' Android root folders where Poweramp's settings would be.

Due to the (pleasurable) customization options of Poweramp, I believe it is why Max has taken the steps to add Full Settings backup in the future v2.1 update. -Poweramp would be able to backup its own settings out the box just like LauncherPro app.

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