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"MBID"/"artist sort"/"album artist sort" support


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I have a few artists who have changed their stage name and my albumartist view is littered with duplicate artists.

I also have a few artists who have slightly different spellings of their name and they're displayed more than once as well.

Finally, I have artists who in addition to that last problem, have the same name but are completely different artists.

If I do anything to the tags, scrobbling breaks, so I can't just fix the tags. I'd rather like PA to handle disambiguation tags like the MusicBrainz ID and the artist sort / album artist sort tags.

I realize I'm putting too much emphasis on the MusicBrainz tags but they are there for a reason and besides being easy to code in, they would make my life easier as well. There isn't to my knowledge another Android music player which handles MB tags (well, besides Kodi) or artist sort tags so this would be a first.

I don't know if I'm asking too much from Max, if he wants he can let me know, I don't mind.

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