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Few suggestions...

Timmy Fox

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Yeah, as title states, I've got a few suggestions that'd make my life easier:

1. Option to always return to player from the equalizer settings when you press the back button.

2. Option to when you listen to a song and touch the previous song button, I'd prefer to have it play the current song from the start instead of going back to the previous song if your more than 5-10 seconds into the current song. This is how other players usually behave so I atleast would like that option.

3. Ability to quene songs or atleast add it as either next or last song in the current playlist your playing.

4. Ability to customize the track order in playlists, like if I had a playlist with 5 songs in it, and want song #3 in the list to be the first song to play instead and #4 to be the last to play...

5. Save custom presets for the equalizer, and maybe edit/hide/delete the default presets?

Yeah, I guess thats all, must say that I am a happy owner of the full version ^^

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Thanks for the requests and feedback.

1. Back button navigates to the previous activity in the Android. For Folders/Lib this is overridden in PowerAMP to return to the previous folder/album/artist/etc., but still there is "Return to previous" behavior for this button. Changing it to always return to player will create more questions. Also, the initial (startup ) activity can be changed in PowerAMP settings to Library or now playing list, so it's not always the player ui that is "main".

2. Yes, I've already have this request and it will be implemented as option.

3-4-5. planned for v2.0 or minor updates

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