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Duplicate albums based on file type


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Hey guys, this issue is just killing me. I feel like there has to be an easy fix but I just can't seem to figure it out.

Here's an example: When I go into Library --> Artists --> Green Day, it lists all the albums under "Green Day." Sweet!

Now the problem... My songs are of different file types. About half of them are winamp media file type, the rest are .mp3 file type. Poweramp then splits my songs into duplicate albums based on file type.

So, I go into Green Day, and there are two "Dookie" albums showing. One of them has all my winamp files, the other one has all my .mp3 files.

This is just KILLING me! What am I missing here? There has to be a workaround for this...


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Check that your album name under both encoder types are the same in their respective tags. Seems you have the artist name consistent but not album name. Check for extra spaces or something like that in either.

Failing that - use mp3tag to retag the album name on each song in each album irrespective of encoder type - use copy paste..

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