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HTC USB-C which is the best output to use???


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Hey i have HTC u12+ and i have HTC usonic enabled but disabled the noise cancelling ....

I have problem on differend Tracks...Some my Bass is perfect other almost gone and sometimes the main music sound from (i hear most hardstyle/hardcore) get reduced in a wired way since the pass does to...then i tryed to go into sound and output....and there i cant figure out why my USB-C headphone works when i either enable only "Kabel/headphones/aux" or "Speakers" or "USB-C" same hoes for when changing between "OpenSL ES-output" or "soundtrackoutput" or "hi-res"

When enabling Hi-res and it plays right away after changed it is good..but when i then either disconnect headphones or change Track it does reduce volume 30-40% and sound is aweful....

Worst can happen is some track also get really low quality with bass/background noise..and i know from my PC or old HTC m8 that the tracks are Clean and high QUality

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