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Optimize layout of button and knob controlls in split screen view on a tablet


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Poweramp version and build number: Ver 3, Build 830-play (full version)
Device model: Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 SM-T837V
Android version: 9

I use Poweramp in split screen view mostly on my tablet to multitask (tablet in landscape view). I typically use half or about a third of the screen for Poweramp and the rest of the screen for another app. When I do this the Play/Pause/Next/Previous buttons disappear off the screen. Also the knobs and buttons in the equalizer/volume/reverb tabs begin to overlap the more the aspect ratio of the app is in portrait. I have included pictures to show this. Is there a way to fix this thru settings to make it have a similar layout as a typical phone has in portrait view that would solve my problem?

When the app is in full screen view (landscape view) all the controls and knobs are accessible and work as expected.
Not sure if this should be reported as a bug so please advise, I could open a thread there as well.





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