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Change lock screen unlocking behaviour depending on unlock method

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I've noticed myself unlocking via the fingerprint reader when I want to unlock straight to the home screen, and using the lock button/knockON feature when I'm intending to use Poweramp

Would it be possible to add this in a future version?

I own a LG V40.

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I kind of doubt it, since it's most probably a system function, not Poweramp. Not a dev though, so it might be possible, but I've never see any app that can show up depending on unlock method.


When you unlock your device, regardless of the method, it will always display the last screen you've used (at least in my case, using Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite). So if I lock when I'm in Poweramp, I'll get back to Poweramp when unlocked.

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Maybe it would be possible to check unlock status and drop down to home screen if authenticated?

Regarding your second point, Poweramp seems to override showing most recently used app when unlocking, which I regard as normal behaviour. i.e. When I have the Poweramp lock screen UI enabled, it will always open Poweramp whenever I unlock.

To clarify - I'm essentially requesting a change of behaviour when activating the screen and not unlocking (pressing the lock button, or using knockON) vs unlocking (using facial recognition, fingerprint scanner, etc.)



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