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Option for simple text-only "List" view


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Sure this has probably been posted before but can't really find a good topic to bump for it.

Since I have to scroll through hundreds of artists at a time, I like to be able to see as many on the screen at a time without clutter as possible. Right now Grid - Extra Small allows you to see the most at any given time (about 20 on my S9), but the images themselves are taking up a LOT of screen real estate, and the grid view truncates artist names making it hard to read them anyway. And the List - Compact view has so much padding between entries, I feel like that could be made much slimmer without images.

I came to Poweramp from having used an iPod classic for like 10-15 years, so I became quite attached to the no-nonsense browsing of a library on that device. It would be great to have an option to remove images from List views so that space can be better used fitting more artists on the screen.

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