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Screwed myself up: Where's the music?!


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Everything was fine, I'm using the latest version, unlocked, and swapped out one sd card for another so I thought I'd clean up the music files while I was copying them to the new card.

I created the root-level directory MUSIC on the "external" sd card, and moved all my music into it. This in the form of one folder per artist, one folder per album under each artist. Simple tree.

I was always able to open PA and view the music by album, or by artist, or by however, everything populated. And no "musicfolder" on the sd card now, nothing in the old one.

So I put in the new card and...nada. The only way I can see any music is by switching to folder view and then viewing all the albums that are on the card.

So I tried rebooting the phone, rescanning the folders, uninstalling and reinstalling Poweramp (tonight's latest version from the Android market) to just reset everything.

No joy.

Can someone tell me what I've screwed up, or what to set, so that my music can live in the simple folder heirarchy:




4- \songs in each album

And be able to see them all by artist, or by album,or by whatever again in Poweramp?

Gotta be something really simple and stupid, right? I tried punching all the buttons, can't seem to make it happen.

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