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  1. i recently bought also isyncr, and i would love to test if there are new features regarding the rating system.
  2. There just seems to be no proper solution to this topic... I to today have found only to applications for PC/mac. MusicBrainz Picard, which in the last month has become somewhat unresposive... and then the TuneUp addin for itunes or media player, which is regardless of the very large base it has behind it very inaccurate... Even though i searched a lot of this topic i did not even catch what are all the solutions and databases that are avaible for that in the world... Because soundhound/shazam are both getting different resulst... For now i recommend Picard for automatic tagging, or soundhound for manual :> If that would be implemented in any player and it would get really god results that would really be it. BIG TIME. but as far as i learned the databases are payable.
  3. I tagged a dosen of files... after that i found out that, all my "work" was of no use... i do not know what such an implementation is use for...
  4. I currently also use mediamonkey... a bit frustrated in the whole area, cause my files are not properly tagged. a whole bump of trackXX.mp3 files and so on... Using MusicBrainz Picard, to get the mess somewhat done... but its a painfull job. Mediamonkey is a bit helping in mass taggings. Still did not find any good solution for automatic album art inserting.
  5. Would also interest me, or do i need to make just one tag in it?
  6. that would be very nice. i now switch beetwen players...
  7. will the sync rating be compatible with mediamonkey in both ways? Right now i am unable to get it working.
  8. Or to tie it on the mode. like when i am in silent mode, then the normal lock screen should engage, when on airplane then the po0weramp lock screen engages.
  9. what if i got a folder metallica and some songs of master of puppets, but also from other metallica albums?
  10. you mean scrobbling? i have the current released version of Poweramp, and scrobbling enabled. why should it not be in the new version?
  11. Did you try to kill the service that manages the stock media library?
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