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Version 3 build 815 relatively stable...rolled back from 816. Anyone else?


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I am a long time loyal user and customer of Poweramp, dating back to 2010.  I've stayed with Poweramp because it has always been, to my eyes and ears, the best music player for Android phones that I have come across.  I have always been pleased with the development of the app and never had issues with bugs...until now.  I am now currently using an LG V20, running Oreo (8.0.0).  Since the version 3 update, if asked, I would not say that Poweramp is the best player.  I've experienced a myriad of problems: not being able to edit EQ settings, losing my custom EQ settings, losing playlists and random album art.  However, these were not the big problem.  The big problem has been with playback.  Though I followed all recommendations (Power Saver exclusions, etc..), nothing prevented Poweramp from just randomly stopping playback.  Sometimes it would play for a couple hours before stopping, other times after only a few songs, and at other times in the middle of playing back the first song.  The display has been off when the playback stoppages occur.  I never play music for any length of time with the display on, so I don't know if it occurs if the display is on.

Then came build 815.  No more playback issues, plus I got the simple seekbar back, and I could edit EQ settings on the fly again!  I set the Power Saver exclusions, as recommended, so I'm not certain it would function the same without those settings, but I didn't want to invite a problem, so I left the settings as they were.  But then, inexplicably, an auto-update occurred and build 816 arrived to break everything again.  Suddenly I was having playback issues again! This time though, Poweramp was now notifying me of the issue (which I already knew about due to the obvious silence) with a big block of text informing me and instructing me to do the Power Saver exclusions that were already done (and not being recognized by Poweramp, btw).

Needless to say, I was frustrated and upset by the 816 update and the return of the problems.  I downloaded the build 815 apk, uninstalled 816, then re-installed 815.  I lost my EQ settings and many playlists in the process, but I'm not going to fixate on that, as I've redone them.  I am now running with stable playback (the last test run was 9 hours without interruption!). 

Build 815 is working for me, so I'm staying with it. I have disabled auto-updates and will not enable them again until I start to see postings here about version 3 finally being stable.

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