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Correction on cue's


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Lately I've experienced that Poweramp is not reading the cue files correct. Or that's at least what I think.

When I listen to an album and I then skip a track, the track starts a few seconds after it was supposed to be (I know exactly where they should start, since I also use cue files on my PC).

Is this something ýou can take a look at? It has happened for both mp3 and m4a (bought on iTunes Store). I've got a Samsung Galaxy S II, running Gingerbread 2.3.3. Thanks!

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Alright, over the last couple of days I've figured something out. There seems to be no problems for music bought on iTunes Store (m4a files), but when it comes to mp3 this problem occurs everytime.

I've noticed on a couple of albums that the last included tracks are starting about 20-30 seconds after the cue file says it should.

In other words, if it should start at 68:00:00, it's probably starting at about 68:25:00 instead. This was just an example to show what I mean.

Since I opened this thread, I've rooted my phone and flashed Cyanogenmod 7, so it seems like it's not some problem with Samsung's standard ROMs (Just to exclude this possibility).

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