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Support for free-form genres / multiple values per tag


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It seems Poweramp only uses the static genre list from ID3v1 and ignores the custom ID3v2 genre tags I've added to my songs. Since the static list is very limited it would be great if the values from the tags could also be used.

On a related note, my desktop music player (http://code.google.com/p/quodlibet/) supports multiple values per tag field by separating them with dashes. I don't know how standardized this is and haven't seen it yet in other players, but maybe you could consider adding this feature? Currently it looks like only the first value will be used (probably because my player only stores the first value in the ID3v1 tag).

Are ID3v2 tags actually used at all?

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[Merging my original thread with this one since the issues are related.]

Just in case you hadn't planned this for your own library function yet:

Happy to finally be able to use m4a with correct audio decoding, I've reworked my whole library yesterday, cleaning out ALL tags, fixing album art, sorting albums in genre folders etc.

The disappointment didn't wait too long though:

All m4a files have their genre tags mis- or rather uninterpreted by Android. Meaning, all my 100% correctly tagged files (over 1000 for the first test batch) show as genre "unknown". When long pressing on a single file and reading the tags in PA, it shows me the correct genre, as I had saved. As one can quickly see in the google code forums, this is yet another problem of Androids lousy m4a support.

So, since PA's tag reader already does correctly portray the values of the m4a genre field, I'd greatly appreciate if your "custom fast library implementation" would represent the tags correctly too.



PS: The only "solution" I've found to the problem is by sticking to the official ID3V1 and Winamp genre tags as they are listed here: http://www.id3.org/id3v2.3.0#head-12937 ... 0288d7c7e7

Annoying, if one's used to having custom genres but at least a workaround.

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