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Bluetooth Volume Controls Go Up but Not Back Down


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This bug just started a few hours ago.

First the good stuff:

I noticed that now when you adjust the volume you get a drop down menu of different volumes which is cool. When I adjust the volume on the actually phone the volume increases in increments of 1 which is awesome...I like having that ability to adjust finite details like that. My Bluetooth (hesh 2 wireless) still adjusts by about 7 increments at a time, but that's ok. What I was really hoping when I saw this drop down menu was that I would be able to have the volume of Poweramp be different from the volume of my Bluetooth headphones (I feel like that was an option back in the day). Is that a possibility?

Ok...on to the BUG. I can turn the volume up and down by pressing the controls on the actually phone. The problem is that I can only adjust the volume UP with the control buttons on my headphones. When I attempt to decrease the volume using the headphone buttons the volume bar goes down for 1 second then right back to where it was. I've tried rebooting but no luck. Running a Samsung Galaxy A6 8.0.0

Thanks for the help folks!!


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