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Ringtone Button

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Love this player. Thank you to the developers.

I recently downloaded it and installed on my new HTC Incredible S after rave reviews by just about everyone.

It's very intuitive to use except for one feature ... I've looked online and here in this forum for an explanation on the one feature I don't understand what it does ... the ringtone button?

Does it set the current song to be your ringtone?

When I press settings and see the button ringtone while listening to a song nothing happens if I press it. I had hoped it set the song to be your ringtone but when I check sound > ringtone it's not listed as the ringtone.

Can someone help a newbie?

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Thanks for the feedback.

Yes, the ringtone sets current/selected track as phone ringtone, there is confirmation dialog which clearly explains that. This button will be non-touchable in case of "non-standard" file format/location (Android supports limited # of formats/locations for a ringtones).

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