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"shuffle playlist" seems to blacklist several songs (on all V3 versions)

Joe Gent

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Every since I tried the first release of V3. I have noticed an ongoing issue where Poweramp V3xxx seems to only want to play a small portion of my 4300 songs within a given playlist. It seems to blacklist about 70% of my playlist when using shuffle mode. I've had this issue on the following devices: LG G3, LG G4, and now on my LG V30 (VS996). When I use any other audio player it seems to play them all just fine. Even when I resort my playlist to random, it seems to only focus on a portion of the playlist, regardless. I feel like the shuffle algorithm must be flawed when you exceed a certain number of tracks in a list. I had this issue with a smaller sized playlist (about 1500). Assuming anyone else has an abnormally large playlist like myself, have any of you had this issue?

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