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FR: Assume same cover art per album + Support multiple tag fields of the same name


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Hello Poweramp forums,

Been using the app for many years now. Love how v3 is coming along. I've got a couple feature requests though.

Assume same cover art per album:

Many of my files have high-resolution art embedded in each and so loading the various library views (All Songs is most noticeable as the list is long) show delay as each file is read for its artwork. I realise there are other methods to overcome this such as relying upon a front.jpg in a directory, however it could be useful for those that prefer embedded art per file if Poweramp could load the first file's embedded artwork, then assume the same for consecutive files of the same album title or maybe those of the same album name within the same directory. This would greatly speed up the loading of art in the library views for me (I noticed this after some album that had much smaller resolution artwork embedded loaded almost instantly). This speed increase would also help as Poweramp doesn't cache artworks in views if you scroll too far up/down, it reloads them. A settings option to assume the same image for files of the same album in library views would be great.

Support multiple tag fields of the same name:

Another request: I use Mp3tag to tag files (Flac/Opus) with multiple Genre fields ("Electronic\\Pop"), but Poweramp doesn't read more than the first one. I've understood Poweramp supports both ; and now // as delimiters within a single Genre field, but is it too much to ask to support multiple tag fields of the same name so files will be categorised into multiple genres as in my case?

Thanks for all your efforts!

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