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  1. They may be. I know that JPG album art that I edit myself I re-save using the Progressive option with the maximum of 5 scans. The album art for the album in question was not edited by me so I cannot say. The source image. Also, I strip the metadata from artwork that I embed to save on filesize.
  2. In this case, an embedded JPG at 1200x1190 with a filesize of 245 KB. For MP3s I embed however large (pixel-wise) of an image I can as long as it's under ~250 KB. For FLACs I typically just embed the original artwork which is normally above 1000x1000 and around 1–2 MB.
  3. Hello, In some cases, embedded album artwork is displayed corrupted inside of Poweramp, even in when I have not transcoded the file for use on my phone. The very same files display their album art correctly within foobar2000, but in Poweramp, the embedded album art only renders the first few rows of the image before it turns into blank grey. In this particular case, every file of a MP3 album has the same embedded image (manually via mp3tag) and each file shows the same corruption. There is no front.jpg or similar in the directory that they reside in. Perhaps Poweramp has issues
  4. I think the friendliest solution would be a new option following "Rating Type" named "Show rating buttons on Main UI" for example, which would be checked by default and would show the buttons both on the Main UI and in the more menu (as is the current implementation). Unchecking the option would remove it from the Main UI but leave it showing in the more menu. The option description could toggle to read "Rating buttons still accessible via the more menu.". The "Rating Type" "Disabled" option could then disable the feature entirely, removing all signs of it from both areas of the UI.
  5. Currently only swiping down on the main UI's album cover does anything (returns to library). Simply tapping on the album cover does the same. I recall the old Poweramp switching albums with up/down and to do the same again in PA3 would be great considering: - Skipping forwards/backwards via the album cover is alreadya default navigation method. This FR would build upon this navigation. - The default skin controls remove the jump forwards/backwards list buttons (non-Pro buttons) and this FR would restore that ability without cluttering the seekbar (Pro buttons). No sacrifice to b
  6. I like the rating system but would like their icons to be hidden from the main UI (on album covers) and instead remain tucked away under the more options (vertical ellipsis) button. An option like Rating Type Visibility: Hidden could do this. The reason being is that i rarely rate tracks but sometimes it's useful and to have to enable a feature to occasionally do so is cumbersome. Currently, disabling the rating type also removes it from showing in the more options menu (which seems unnecessary to me). This would be fine if there was a Hidden option too that does as I suggest: hide fro
  7. Hello Poweramp forums, Been using the app for many years now. Love how v3 is coming along. I've got a couple feature requests though. Assume same cover art per album: Many of my files have high-resolution art embedded in each and so loading the various library views (All Songs is most noticeable as the list is long) show delay as each file is read for its artwork. I realise there are other methods to overcome this such as relying upon a front.jpg in a directory, however it could be useful for those that prefer embedded art per file if Poweramp could load the first file's embedde
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