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Unlocker not installed...

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Hi, I have the same problem as is in this topic:


I´ve bought unlocker (from market, as well as Poweramp application), but after download nothing changed (Poweramp trial expiration) because the unlocker hasn´t been installed (neither unlocker file isn´t available in download folder). I tried everything (uninstal, reboot phone, cancel purchase and pay again...) but it still doesn´t work and even. Please, could you help me with this? Thank you.


Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro - Android 2.1

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Hi, you're experiencing issue with your Market app - it's the app who downloads/installs the other apps, including PowerAMP Unlocker.

This can be related to the status of your order (not authorized), to internet connection issue, etc.

For example, if your card and/or order wasn't accepted by Google, Market shows PowerAMP as Purchased, but download/install doesn't work, download is canceled immediately, no further messages are shown to the user.

This is how Market development team understand the "usability".

You can only check your order status via emails sent to your phone google account or on http://checkout.google.com

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