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x10i bugs with headset button

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I'm from Vietnam, and using Power Amp 4 a half-year, and really love it.

I installed Poweramp this morning after buying new xperia x10i.

I config all the option, but there're still bug here:

i use x10i with stock headset: MH-500. when i want to change to next song, i just press and hold the answer button on the headset, and there is a sound "beep beep" let me know that track is changing. But, the option Double/Triple press does not work, i check this option, but press double and trilpe, nothing happens.

And there some problem: each time i want to stop playing song, just press 1 time in the Answer button in headset, but when i want to resume the playing, i press a gain, and nothing happen.

Last week when i use xperia X8, there is no bugs like in x10i. I use original SD-card, original headset (MH-500), and just install Poweramp trial version 1.4-build-387, and my android version is 2.1 with build number 2.1.B.0.1 original from Sony Ericsson.

Can you explain the bug and fix this in the newer version? If it is fixed, i'll buy a full version, like in x8.

Love power amp cause you're bing the sound quality like walkman-device.

Thank you!

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thanks for the report.

If you're on PowerAMP 1.4, you can try to enable Headset Priority option in PowerAMP Settings => Headset options. Note that PowerAMP headset functionality can be affected by other apps which set their headset priority higher than PowerAMP's - you need to disable headset support in such apps then (WinAmp, mort player, etc.).

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