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Paypro site down


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I was wondering if many buyers have problems with PayPro. I need PayPro to pay for a license via iDeal. The site is reporting next issue:

Unable to complete operation

We're sorry, Our system is currently experiencing temporary problems.

Please try again later.

Our technical team is already informed of this problem, however, if the problems persist, please contact us at:

+1-866-933-4313 (USA/Canada), +1-646-873-6857 (International).

We apologize for the inconvenience.

PayPro Global Team

© Copyright 2006-2010 Paypro Global, Inc. All rights reserved

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This will become very expensive. International support phone call exceeds the price of the Power Amp product by far.

The support site requires mandatory information not available like:

Your Order ID (see your invoice):

So it looks like a dead end street to me.

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Cale payproglobal after all. They were surprise their site gave problems. However after retesting by me and then adjusting the software all went well. Small issue with the final thank-you page that I hope will be fixed for future purchasers of the great power Amp product soon.

Finally ready for iDeal payments!

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