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Best music player to sit on windows desktop


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What is the best music player to sit on your Windows desktop to:

- support multi-channel high fidelity playback from your desktop

- manage your overall music library

- set up playlists, etc

- drive your stereo system from your computer

- support podcasts

- avoid DRM locking / support standards like flac

- synch to Poweramp!

Some contenders are winamp, media jukebox, VLC, songbird, KM player. I'm fine paying a reasonable amount for this.

I'm migrating to Android/Powerapp and away from iTunes and would appreciate any advice. Also planning to go from Apple lossless to Flac.

Some sites I found helpful:

http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/top-5-free ... r-windows/

http://lifehacker.com/397135/five-best- ... ia-players

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