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  1. Great Nestor - thanks for the information. Please take your time and get it all done how you want it to be Selfish plug: please make playlist access visible at the top layer (whether option our auto). Thanks!
  2. If you set the option for Poweramp to open into folders, there is a button for the library you can see. If you hit that, you will see a button for playlists. This is a pretty big (surprising) issue for me - hopefully it is fixed soon.
  3. I would like to second this request. 95% of the time I listen to music via various playlists. I would suspect this is somewhat consistent for many users. For the first hour on Poweramp, I didn't even think it supported playlists. I've found them, but they are hidden/take some time to get to. Thanks!
  4. What is the best music player to sit on your Windows desktop to: - support multi-channel high fidelity playback from your desktop - manage your overall music library - set up playlists, etc - drive your stereo system from your computer - support podcasts - avoid DRM locking / support standards like flac - synch to Poweramp! Some contenders are winamp, media jukebox, VLC, songbird, KM player. I'm fine paying a reasonable amount for this. I'm migrating to Android/Powerapp and away from iTunes and would appreciate any advice. Also planning to go from Apple lossless to Flac. Some sites I fo
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