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Feedback from the toilet


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Pro buttons too big/not enough space to interact with seek bar

Don't use visualizations or sleep timer, would prefer to have ratings in that spot instead

Prefer track info in that entire area as well, shuffle and repeat buttons sitting over album art

Prefer five star rating system. I delete songs I don't want to listen to instead of a vague dislike

Shuffle type wording not clear

Search clear button doesn't work

Enabling "repeat list" and playing from search results plays tracks in order of albums, then order of all songs. But if you search and select a track from "All songs", it plays the entire library

Swiping from library screen should take you to the equalizer/audio menu instead of back to player screen

Long track/album names intersect with track options menu button

Track options should be two columns

Long pressing play button to stop play back was useful

Info clarity for Look and Feel>player ui "first press restarts track"

[Can't replicate] Track rating buttons appear even when disabled

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