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V792:The volume control is ineffective on my bluetooth device


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I have enabled the bluetooth Hi-Res output.

And the default option of it is "no DVC" & "no headroom gain" . 

I found that I can't control the volume by system but can by my bluetooth device.It looks like that the  volume set to max so that I have to set the volume  by my device every time.

I remembered there is a option "bluetooth DVC",but I can't find it in new vision.

The "no DVC" option in Hi-Res output may be ineffective.Is that a BUG?


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24 minutes ago, LePetit_w said:

When I playing music by speaker and then connect my bluetooth device,I find the volume control is ok.


But if I connect blutooth first and then run Poweramp playing music,the volume control is ineffective.


Maybe it's a bug.

PS:I found the sample formate is 16 bit in the former case and I can control volume normally.

In the latter case,it's 24 bit and I can only control volume by my device

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