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skipping numbers automaticly

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Hi i have this weird problem..

I use Poweramp as audioplayer in my car.

Sometimes, while listening , Poweramp goes crazy and it starts skipping numbers all by itself... so no its not distortion, it skips actual numbers, not specefic it seems to occur randomly.. realy strange! Ive seen this behaviour on multiple roms (aosp) and multiple kernels on a desire hd.

has anyone seen this happening before? Thanks

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Hi, by skipping numbers what do you mean exactly? Skipping songs?

This can happen because:

- no such files actually exist on sd card (files or folder were moved somewhere else, deleted outside of PowerAMP, etc.). Folders Rescan will fix that

- sd card is unmounted (e.g. phone is connected as usb storage)

- given files are not in PowerAMP supported format

- files can't be read (sd card is broken, files were not downloaded completely, etc.)


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