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Can't install PowerAmp app

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Hi Folks,

I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace and installed the trial version of Poweramp 1.4 to SD card just a couple of days ago. The app worked like a charm.

In the meantime my SD card crashed but I was able to restore the data (some of it was corrupted though).

After that Poweramp didn't show up in my TouchWiz UI anymore

I tried to re-install it from the market but it won't install!

Next I deleted the com.maxmpz.audioplayer in the Android dir on the SD card but still it won't install.

I finally download the apk file and it still won't install.

What else can I do to install the trial? I really want to use (and register) it since the build in player of the Ace is gruesome (to say the least...)

Pls help.



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