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ASUS Transformer MicroSD

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I'm a new Poweramp user and was trying to set up my music folders on my new ASUS Transformer tablet.

The Transformer uses EMMC storage, either 16 or 32GB and it's located at /mnt/sdcard/xxxx . There's also a slot for a micro sd card. It's address from system root is /Removable/MicroSD/xxxx.

At this point I can't get to any music on the MicroSD since settings only allows me to get to /mnt/sdcard. Could you add /Removable/MicroSD/xxxx to your list of folders?

I've also noticed threads for other tablets with different folder names. I'm wondering if implementing a browse function to point to whatever folder the user wants might be simpler than you having to keep track of many different folder naming conventions.

Thanks for a great App.

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